Pull ivy on the balcony

Pull ivy on the balcony

Balcony box or bucket? Which planter is suitable?

Ivy can get very old. If you want to green your balcony with ivy in the long term, choose a bucket that offers a little more depth.

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If the ivy should stay small, normal flower pots or window boxes are sufficient. (€ 106.25 at Amazon *) It is important that the planter has a good drainage hole. Ivy does not tolerate waterlogging.

The right location on the balcony

The common ivy prefers shady locations. You can even put the pots directly in the shade. Ivy is therefore particularly suitable for north-facing balconies that hardly get any sun.

Ivy is poisonous to dogs and cats. Position the plant so that pets cannot get on it.

Maintaining ivy on the balcony

  • to water
  • fertilize
  • repot
  • to cut

Ivy likes it a little more humid. If you pull it in the bucket, you will have to water more often. Always let the soil dry on the surface before adding new water.

You should repot ivy once a year so that it receives sufficient nutrients. It is also advisable to fertilize at two-week intervals during the growing season.

If the ivy becomes too big or spreading, you can prune it at any time. The plant tolerates pruning very well and is particularly bushy when it is cut back. Be sure to wear gloves when cutting, as ivy is poisonous.

Better to pull ivy on a trellis

Ivy forms long climbing shoots that climb up on house walls with adhesive roots. Masonry can be damaged by the roots. Therefore, you should rather pull the ivy on a trellis.

For window boxes, hanging varieties are suitable, which you can plant together with summer flowers. These varieties do not form adherent roots, but hang loosely.


If your balcony is located in such a way that the ivy receives direct sunlight for several hours a day, plant multicolored species. Make sure, however, that the ivy is not directly in the midday sun if possible.