Offshoots of the banana plant guarantee long-term pleasure

Offshoots of the banana plant guarantee long-term pleasure

Separation from the mother plant

An ideal time to separate the offshoot, also called Kindel, is spring or summer. When the banana tree is repotted, the hobby gardener can cut off offshoots. Sensitivity is required, because the young roots of the Kindel are very delicate and small.

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For sustainable growth, it is advisable to separate the offshoots from the large perennial when they are about half as large as this. Now, like the mother plant, they are given a pot that corresponds to their size.

Professional separation:

  • sharp, clean knife
  • straight cut, close to the trunk of the mother plant
  • Important: Do not damage the main shoot of the banana tree.

Perfect plant substrate for healthy growth

In general, banana plants are very susceptible to vermin and pests. Particular caution is required with tiny young plants. An air-permeable, pure plant substrate is of great importance. In this way dangerous waterlogging is avoided.

Practical advice

After potting, lightly press the soil with your fingers. This way, no air holes can form. Immediately water the offshoot well.

The next step is to place it in a bright and sunny location.

After just a few weeks, the Kindel becomes an independent mother plant. This forms new offshoots, which are separated again from a certain point in time.

Water from above

Offshoots thrive particularly well if they are occasionally moistened with a water sprayer. Incidentally, this also works very well for larger plants of this type.

Tips & Tricks

The small plants need a warm, very high level of humidity, especially at first. A plastic bag with small holes can be put over the pot for this purpose.