When is crabapple in full bloom?

When is crabapple in full bloom?

In the merry month of May, crabapple is at the zenith of its blossom

The central flowering period of Malus hybrids extends over May. In order to enjoy this feast for the eyes beforehand and to enjoy it until the beginning of summer, simply combine the varieties. The following list may serve for your inspiration:

  • Bonsai ornamental apple Pom Zai: mid-April to mid-May
  • Professor Sprenger: mid-May to the end of June
  • Evereste: early May to mid-June

Please note that the more you prune the crab apple in late winter, the less bloom it will turn out.

Do not clean withered flowers

If the crabapple blossom is coming to an end, please leave the withered blossoms on the bush and tree. By pruning, you rob yourself of the decorative fruits that adorn your garden well into winter.