Cucumber climbing support - buy or make yourself?

Cucumber climbing support - buy or make yourself?

Cucumber plants aim high. They need something to hold on to so they can climb. Plant sticks or climbing aids help them grow healthily and bear more fruit more easily. Cucumber climbing aids - which ones are suitable for this?

Cucumber plants need space to grow. Therefore it is essential to plan the recommended planting distance. Also note that not every climbing aid is suitable for cucumber plants. Because tender cucumber shoots want coarse, fibrous material so that they do not slip off. Support for cucumbers - these are suitable:

  • Trellis
  • Rods or ropes
  • Spiral bars
  • Self-made trellis

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Sticks or ropes for cucumbers should be straight. The cucumber plants wind themselves around the climbing aid with their climbing organs and hold on to.

Trellis is suitable for cucumber plants that grow wider and produce heavy fruits. Here you not only bind the main shoots, but also the side shoots.

Spiral sticks with a smooth surface are suitable for tomatoes but less for cucumbers.

Do you want to grow cucumbers yourself? Then you should purchase suitable climbing aids for the garden or greenhouse in advance or make them yourself.

Suitable cucumber climbing aid for gardens and balconies

Anchor plant poles made of bamboo, wood or metal with a non-slip surface in the garden bed at regular intervals and connect with a net.

Attach a 1 to 2 meter high plant support grid behind the bucket on the balcony. Loosely tie up cucumber plants over 10 centimeters high with cable ties or bag closures. Then gradually attach the cucumber shoots to the plant support grid according to the growth.

Proven cucumber climbing aid in the greenhouse

Ropes, climbing ropes or nets are ideal for the greenhouse. To attach and extend the climbing aid, connect it to the roof structure and wrap it in a spiral around the main shoots of the cucumber plants according to the height increase. Before the cucumber plants hit the roof, cut the shoots and cut out the side shoots. This prevents unlimited growth and encourages more flowers and fruiting.

Buy cucumber climbing support or make it yourself?

For cucumber plants, it doesn't matter whether the climbing aid is bought or made yourself. The advantage of a self-made climbing aid is that the size and shape can be customized according to location and planting.

Build cucumber climbing support yourself

You can easily build a stable and light climbing aid yourself from wooden posts and plastic nets. You need that:

  • Wooden posts
  • Cords
  • Plastic mesh
  • wire

After you have chosen a sunny, sheltered cucumber location, simply attach wooden posts to the ground at a distance of 1.5 meters. Make sure that the posts are 1 to 2 meters above the ground. Then stretch the plastic net tightly around the posts. So that everyone is connected.

Tips & Tricks

Do you still have an old swing frame? Then simply convert it to a cucumber climbing aid by attaching a net. Creative climbing aids create a visual eye-catcher in the garden.