Do I have to prune my dog ​​rose?

Do I have to prune my dog ​​rose?

Unfortunately, the dog rose is not well suited for the vase, because the individual flowers only last a few days, even if that doesn't seem so given the abundance of flowers. However, from September onwards you can cut a few branches with rose hips. These look very pretty in an autumn bouquet.

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How do I cut my dog ​​rose correctly?

Only use clean and sharp tools to cut your dog rose so that you do not transmit germs or crush branches when cutting. Fungi or germs can easily penetrate squashed shoots and damage your plant.

First, remove all diseased, dried up and weak shoots. Then cut off the three-year-old shoots, on which only a few flowers and rose hips are still to be formed. So you can count on a rich harvest. If your dog rose is in a hedge, you may need to adjust the height to the other plants so that the hedge gives a nice overall picture.

Can I also do a radical pruning?

If you have not pruned your dog rose for a few years or if it has simply become too big for you, then you can definitely dare a radical pruning. However, you will then have to do without flowering for one summer. Because the dog rose only blooms on the old wood, not on the young shoots. You should therefore consider whether you would prefer to switch to regular cuts in the future.

The most important cutting tips for the dog rose:

  • always use clean and sharp tools
  • If possible, do not cut off any fresh shoots
  • Cut off diseased and dry shoots close to the ground
  • Shorten three-year-old shoots as necessary
  • radical cutback possible


If possible, never separate the fresh shoots; the flowers and rose hips will form on them in the next year.