Rose nostalgia - with this care it really blooms!

Rose nostalgia - with this care it really blooms!

What should be considered when watering this hybrid tea?

Compared to other hybrid tea roses, this specimen tolerates heat extremely well. Still, it is not a mistake to water them in the heat and dry periods. Always pour directly on the root area! The leaves should not be wetted with water, otherwise they become more susceptible to fungal diseases.

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When and with what do you fertilize the rose nostalgia?

The rose nostalgia does not need any special fertilizer. Like other roses, it is satisfied with an organic fertilizer such as compost, horn shavings (€ 6.39 on Amazon *) or bone meal. A manure that you have prepared yourself can also be given every few weeks.

Fertilize this rose for the first time from the 2nd year of standing. The ideal time for this has come in spring, shortly before budding. A second fertilization can, but does not have to be, done in May. This rose should not be fertilized after flowering. That doesn't make much sense.

Does this rose need frost protection?

Here are some tips on hardiness and wintering:

  • sufficiently frost hardy
  • As a precaution, protect freshly planted specimens
  • also protect older outdoor plants and those in rough locations
  • Rose with earth like z. B. Pile compost about 10 cm high
  • Place potted plants on the protected house wall (do not overwinter in the warm!)
  • Remove frost protection from March

When and how should you cut the rose nostalgia?

It is advisable to remove the dead flowers in summer and autumn. The actual pruning does not take place until spring. Hybrid tea roses like this one are cut down to just above the ground.

If you want to raise your rose nostalgia to a high stem, you should take this into account when cutting. Even tall trunks that have already been purchased sometimes need a cut in order to retain their growth. Sometimes they develop wild shoots from below.


You can cut this hybrid tea rose when it is in bloom, when you want to use the blossoms as cut flowers for the vase.