When does the wisteria bloom?

When does the wisteria bloom?

The first blossoms of the wisteria appear in April and delight the beholder. The lush colors with a seductive scent lasts into June. Depending on the climate and the weather, the wisteria blooms a second time in late summer, although not as lush and splendid as in spring.

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Are there wisteria with other flower colors?

As the name suggests, the most common flower color is a bright blue. But there are also other varieties that bloom purple, pale pink or even white. However, they need a sunny spot for abundant flowering.

Can I support the bloom of my wisteria?

An uncircumcised wisteria does not bloom well because it puts its strength into growth. Regular pruning is therefore very important. It is best to cut the wisteria once in summer and once in winter. Also, make sure that the plant is well supplied with water and nutrients before and during flowering.

The essentials in brief:

  • blooms only after a few years
  • first flowering: April to June
  • possibly second bloom: in late summer, less abundant
  • blooms profusely in the sun, sparse in partial shade, hardly or not at all in shade


If you want your wisteria to bloom profusely, you should definitely treat it to a sunny spot.