Build a waterfall wall yourself - what options are there?

Build a waterfall wall yourself - what options are there?

Different possibilities of a wall waterfall

With such a wall, the water flows either directly down the surface or right in front of it, whereby there are many different variants for both indoor and outdoor areas. The cool water does not have to tumble down thundering, but can also flow very slowly and evenly - the strength of the fall is ultimately controlled by the submersible pump and the amount of water available. A collecting basin below the wall makes sense, after all, the pump is also installed here, which continuously pumps the water upwards. The wall, in turn, can consist of very different materials:

  • Stainless steel: galvanized stainless steel in particular offers good protection against corrosion and looks elegant
  • Stone wall: mortar or dry stacked wall made of natural or artificial stone
  • Concrete: a simple concrete wall fits wonderfully into a modernist-inspired garden ensemble
  • Gabion wall: simple, but still effective variation of a stone wall

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If you want special lighting effects - for example to put the waterfall in the right light at the evening barbecue party - waterproof LED lights in white or colored tones do a good job.

How to build a simple gabion waterfall - a guide

A gabion waterfall wall is comparatively uncomplicated to build. For this you need a water basin, at the edge of which you can set up the gabion baskets in the desired width and height, connect them to one another and fill them with stones or gravel of different sizes. However, the chunks should be big enough to stay in the basket and not simply fall through the gaps in the wire. Above the gabion basket you can attach a channel or a pipe, which has been drilled through at regular intervals. This is where you lay the hose connected to the pump so that the water flows down through the holes. Of course, other solutions are also conceivable here.


If you fill in earth between the stones at the edges of the gabion, you can use it for planting and green the waterfall wall.