Flammendes Käthchen - Tried and tested tips for correct care

Flammendes Käthchen - Tried and tested tips for correct care

Which location does the Flaming Käthchen prefer?

The Flaming Käthchen needs a light place, but above all the strong midday sun should be avoided. If the leaves of the plant turn reddish in color, this is a sign of sunburn and you should take the plant out of the sun immediately. Please note that the Kalanchoe is a short-day plant that only develops buds for the next season in winter if it receives a maximum of nine hours of light per day. So from November onwards you should be careful not to expose the plant to light for too long.

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In which substrate does the Flaming Käthchen feel particularly comfortable?

It is best to place the Flaming Käthchen in cactus soil and, above all, ensure good drainage, for example with expanded clay (€ 17.50 at Amazon *) or pottery shards. The succulent plant does not tolerate waterlogging at all.

What should you watch out for when pouring the Flaming Katy?

The Flaming Katy comes from the hot, tropical regions of East Africa and is able to store water in its fleshy leaves. You should therefore water the plant no more than once a week during the hot months - and only if the substrate feels dry to the touch when you finger test. In winter the plant naturally needs less moisture.

When and how often should the Flaming Käthchen be fertilized?

If you repot the Flaming Käthchen once a year, additional fertilizers are not necessary. Otherwise, provide the plant regularly with special liquid cactus fertilizer during the growing season. Be careful never to fertilize on dry roots as this will damage the roots.

At what temperatures does Flaming Käthchen feel particularly comfortable?

In order for the Flaming Käthchen to bloom long and profusely, you should cultivate it, especially in winter at around 16 to 20 ° C room temperature and a maximum of nine hours of light - only then will the buds be formed for the following summer.

Can you cut back the Flaming Käthchen?

Since the Flaming Katy tends to grow rapidly, you can confidently trim it a little from time to time. On the other hand, withered flower heads are not cut off, but only carefully plucked off.

How can the Flaming Käthchen be increased?

With leaf or shoot cuttings, you yourself ensure a constant supply of new plants. In addition, the Flaming Käthchen can also be reproduced using seeds.

Which diseases and pests attack the Flaming Katy particularly often?

Diseases and pests are rare in the Kalanchoe, the plant is considered to be very robust. The only problem is too much moisture, to which the plant often reacts with changes in the leaves and their shedding.

Can you overwinter the Flaming Käthchen?

The Flaming Käthchen is a tropical plant and can therefore only overwinter inside the apartment at temperatures of at least 15 ° C.


During the summer months, the Flaming Käthchen feels most comfortable in the fresh air - for example on the balcony or terrace.