Build a vertical garden from a pallet

Build a vertical garden from a pallet

Instructions for building your own vertical garden from pallets

Both Euro pallets (€ 16.99 at Amazon *) and other wooden pallets are suitable as pallets. It can be used or new, it is important that it is not rotten so that it can withstand the weight of the earth and plants.

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Material and tool list

  • palette
  • Pond liner
  • earth
  • Stapler
  • scissors
  • possibly paint or glaze to protect the wood
  • Brush for painting

1. Paint the pallet

You can also use the palette untreated, but then it will change color over time and possibly become damp and eventually rot. To prevent this, you can paint your palette. If you want to keep the naturalness, just use a colorless glaze or you can paint your palette in bright colors.

2. Staple the pond liner to the pallet

Double-lay the pond liner so that it can withstand the load.

Place the pallet with the slats facing up on the pond liner and fold it up to the upper slats. Now staple the pond liner all around on all sides except for one. The side that stays open will end up facing up, so it should be one of the horizontal ends.

Now turn the pallet over and staple the pond liner several times on the back in all possible places. Remember that the pond liner has to hold a lot of weight, so staple a lot.

3. Drainage

You should poke a few holes in the lower end of the foil so that excess water can run off. Put a layer of stone or gravel as the bottom layer on your pallet.

4. Fill in soil

Now turn your pallet over again and fill it halfway with soil. Then set them up where you want them and fill in the rest of the earth.

5. Place plants

Now put the plants in it. The more densely you plant, the more likely it is to create the effect of a green wall. However, if you want to plant strawberries, lettuce, herbs or other vegetables or fruit, you should leave enough space between the individual plants so that they can develop and bear fruit.