Rejuvenating an old lilac - this is what you need to pay attention to

Rejuvenating an old lilac - this is what you need to pay attention to

How to make a taper cut on an old lilac

In the case of an overaged lilac, only a radical pruning can help:

  • Cut off all branches 60 to 80 centimeters above the ground.
  • Numerous new shoots will form over the course of the following summer.
  • In the next year, remove any branches that grow inward.
  • Also, cut away any shoots that disrupt the shape of the shrub.
  • Prune the lilac only slightly in the following years.
  • It is enough to remove the withered flowers.
  • This gives the shrub enough time to recover.

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Most likely, after this radical cut, your lilac will sprout more from the roots. The root runners can appear within a radius of several meters and should be removed immediately, as they rob the mother plant of strength. To remove the saplings sustainably, you need to dig them up and tear them out right at their base. Cutting off the surface (for example by walking over it with the lawnmower) usually only leads to the formation of even more runners.

How to prevent a lilac from aging

If the lilac has been successfully rejuvenated, you should prevent it from becoming old again after a few years by pruning it regularly. By removing old branches, you stimulate the formation of new branches - which in turn has the pleasant side effect that the lilacs bloom all the more splendidly. The annual pruning should be done as follows:

  • Remove dead flowers by cutting just below the flower and above an outward-facing eye.
  • Remove dead branches
  • as well as any branches and twigs that cross or grow inward.
  • Apply the secateurs as close as possible to the base.
  • If necessary, remove branches that disrupt the shape of the shrub.
  • This is the case, for example, with very widely protruding branches.
  • Cut or saw this off over an outward branch.
  • Remove the root saplings that are sprouting at the base of the shrub.


Cuttings that arise when pruning can be used for propagation and refinement.