Challenge peeling celeriac

Challenge peeling celeriac

Peel the celery

Celery from the supermarket is usually a large, rough tuber, often with remnants of a leaf base.

  1. Thoroughly brush the tuber under running water.
  2. Use a sturdy surface, such as a wooden board, for peeling.
  3. Hold the celery with one hand and use the other hand to cut off the leaf roots generously with a sturdy, sharp knife. The knife should be at least 16 cm long.
  4. Now remove the lower part of the tuber, where root remains may have to be removed. This slice shouldn't be too thin either.
  5. Now place the tuber on one of the two surfaces so that it does not wobble when you proceed.
  6. Now start from top to bottom, along the curve, to cut off the hard skin.
  7. Keep turning the tuber bit by bit.
  8. Peel in thick layers as some of the celery “eyes” go quite deep inside.
  9. Now wash the peeled tuber and finally remove any leftover peel remnants, brown spots, etc.
  10. Now you can process the vegetables further and cut 1 cm thick slices or dice, roughly grate or grate the tuber.

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Use celeriac

The strong, spicy taste of celery refines soups or stews. Cook it in cubes or cut into sticks directly in the dishes.

If you want to try something special, you should prepare a celery schnitzel once. To do this, the tuber is cleaned, then peeled and finally cut into 1 cm thick slices. Place the slices in boiling water for about five minutes. The celery slices are then quenched with cold water and dried with kitchen paper.

Now you can season the vegetable slices like a normal schnitzel, turn them in egg and breadcrumbs and fry them in oil.

It becomes more refined if you place two celery slices on top of each other, fill them with a slice of cheese and ham and then bread them.

Celery lovers cook the diced vegetables together with potatoes and then prepare a spicy puree. A delicious starter is also a creamy celery soup.

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