Make a concrete flower pot yourself

Make a concrete flower pot yourself

Concrete work checklist

Before you can start working on the flower pot, you must first have all the necessary utensils ready:

  • a bag of ready-mixed concrete that only needs to be mixed with water
  • Bucket to mix
  • Watering can with water
  • Ladle to stir
  • two different sized shapes that fit into each other
  • possibly acrylic paint for coloring the concrete (must be cement-safe!)
  • working gloves
  • Sandpaper & sander

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Pour the flower pot

Once all the preparations have been made, the actual work can begin.

  1. Oil the molds you are using so that the concrete block comes off better afterwards.
  2. Mix the concrete mixture according to the instructions on the package.
  3. Pour about a quarter of the mixture into the large dish.
  4. Spread the concrete well.
  5. Place the second shape in the first and press it a little into the soft concrete.
  6. Fill the inner mold with sand. So the soft concrete cannot dent the shape.
  7. Fill in the remaining concrete around the second shape.
  8. After the curing time, you can carefully remove the molds.

Finish the pot

It is possible that the raw shape of the flower pot is not completely flat. Help with sandpaper or a sanding machine.

If the surface is satisfactory, the flower pot can be embellished with acrylic painting.

It is also possible to make colorful concrete pots immediately. In addition, cement-like colors are added to the mixed concrete.

Advantages of a concrete flower pot

First of all, concrete flower pots are extremely cheap if you make them yourself. All that is required is a little manual skill and a little time.

Another advantage is the absolute frost resistance of the concrete pot. So that the pot no longer accepts water, plastics in liquid form can be mixed in when mixing the concrete. Get advice on this at the hardware store.

However, the high weight of the concrete pots is a disadvantage. Small specimens can still be easily transported, but large planters can no longer be easily moved without a hand truck. However, the weight of the concrete pots makes them very stable.