It's that easy to propagate a Sansevieria cylindrica

It's that easy to propagate a Sansevieria cylindrica

Three methods of propagating the Sansevieria cylindrica

A Sansevieria cylindrica can be propagated using different methods:

  • Raised from seeds
  • Cutting leaf cuttings
  • Dividing the root ball

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Dividing the root ball is the easiest and fastest way to multiply. For this, however, you need a larger mother plant. On the other hand, leaf cuttings can also be obtained from young plants.

Grow Sansevieria cylindrica from seeds

You can get seeds for Sansevieria cylindrica from your own plant if you let the inflorescences stand for fertilization. The seed is released and briefly dried. It can then be sown immediately.

  • Prepare pots with potting soil
  • Scatter seeds thinly
  • lightly sprinkle with earth
  • Moisten the substrate slightly
  • Put pots in transparent bags
  • Grow in a warm, partially shaded location

In order for the seed to germinate, it needs relatively high temperatures of 25 degrees during the day and 20 degrees at night.

Propagate bow hemp from leaf cuttings

Cut off a healthy leaf of the Sansevieria cylindrica at the base. Divide it into individual pieces, each 4 to 6 inches long.

Let the interfaces dry for several days. Then put them about four centimeters deep in small pots filled with potting soil.

Place the nursery pots (€ 14.90 on Amazon *) in a bright, warm place at 20 to 30 degrees. Water occasionally to keep the soil from drying out completely. It takes time for roots to form.

How to share a Sansevieria cylindrica

To divide the Sansevieria cylindrica, take the plant out of the pot and shake off the soil. With a sharp, clean knife, divide the root ball in two. You can also cut off side shoots if they have already established roots.

Plant the cuttings in pots that you have filled with cactus or succulent soil.


Sansevieria cylindrica is not hardy. The bow hemp does not tolerate temperatures below twelve degrees. If you take care of him on the terrace in summer, you need to bring him back into the house in good time in autumn.