Simple or time consuming - the maintenance of the verbena

Simple or time consuming - the maintenance of the verbena

Can the verbena cope with drought?

The verbena needs a lot of water, but cannot cope with waterlogging. If it grows on the balcony, it must be watered regularly. The earth should never dry out completely. Well-drained soil and drainage from the pot are required so that it does not drip with moisture.

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Ideally, the soil for the verbena is kept moderately moist. If it grows in the bed, the ground can be provided with a layer of mulch, for example from bark, compost or lawn clippings.

Do verbenas need regular fertilization?

In addition to thirsty, verbenas are extremely hungry fellows. They should be supplied with nutrients at regular intervals. On the balcony it should be provided with fertilizers such as guano fertilizer once a week in their growing season from April. A long flowering period is the result.

In the field, it is sufficient to provide the verbena with liquid fertilizer once a month. It is also advisable to bring the soil up to date in terms of nutrients before sowing or planting. This can take the form of compost or manure, for example.

How can the verbena be multiplied?

You can easily propagate the verbena from their seeds. Sow them at home in March or outdoors in April. The seeds are lightly covered with soil. The first seedlings can be seen after about three weeks.

Verbs often multiply on their own by self-sowing. Their trained seeds are cold germs. If they fall down in the fall, they won't germinate. They are only stimulated to germinate in spring, after they have experienced a cold spell.

What other maintenance measures are there?

You should take the following additional maintenance measures:

  • Regularly cut off withered flowers (stimulate new flower formation)
  • read off the screws if necessary
  • if necessary, remove aphids from the plant
  • To strengthen against powdery mildew, fertilize with liquid manure and / or spray a brew of wormwood or horseradish

Tips & Tricks

For a bushy growth, young plants should be pitted from a height of 10 cm.