Get inspiration - from these bush rose varieties!

Get inspiration - from these bush rose varieties!

Varieties with white flowers

White flowers provide noble and purely innocent accents. These specimens with their outstanding properties have proven themselves among others:

  • 'Snow White': snow-white, semi-double flowers, 120 cm high and 60 cm wide
  • 'Paula Vapelle': white, good smelling, good resistance
  • 'Princess of Wales': pure white, cream-colored in the bud position, 120 cm high
  • 'Schneekoppe': white and subtle lilac, 100 cm high and 80 cm wide

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Varieties with yellow to orange flowers

Create a happy and relaxed mood:

  • 'Bayerngold': pure yellow, filled, 60 cm high and 30 cm wide,
  • 'Caramella': amber colored, double, 120 cm high and 70 cm wide
  • 'Postillon': coppery yellow, sweet fragrance
  • 'Westerland': copper orange, double, 180 cm high and 120 cm wide, ADR rose
  • 'Amber Queen': orange, full, light fragrance

The variety 'Lichtkönigin Lucia' is considered one of the best yellow varieties. It has lemon yellow, semi-double flowers and a strong scent. They grow to a height of up to 150 cm and a width of up to 70 cm.

Varieties with red flowers

Or how about planting red varieties?

  • 'Cherry Gold': cherry red, double
  • 'Grandhotel': deep red, half-filled
  • 'Black Forest': red, double
  • 'Burghausen': deep red, wavy edge of the flower
  • 'Youthful love': deep red, heavily filled

Varieties with pink flowers

Varieties with pink flowers bring romance to the garden! Here is a selection:

  • 'Eifelzauber': filled, pink, pastel-like
  • 'New York': pink, half-filled, 8 cm tall, light fragrance, 190 cm high and 100 cm wide
  • 'Eden Rose 85': silk pink, densely filled, slightly fragrant, 200 cm high and 80 cm wide
  • 'Flashlight': pink, wavy leaves
  • 'Leonardo da Vinci': very double, dark pink
  • 'Fortuna': salmon pink


Would you like a two-tone bush rose? Then the 'Mozart' variety with its white-pink flowers is recommended. The 'Little Sunset' variety with its yellow-red flowers and a wavy edge of the petal also looks great!