Planting the zinc tub: a guide

Planting the zinc tub: a guide

Plant the zinc tub step by step

What you need for this:

  • Metal drill
  • Pottery shards
  • Expanded clay (€ 17.50 at Amazon *) or even more pottery shards
  • Good garden soil
  • possibly compost
  • plants
  • possibly pebbles, mulch, (213.00 € at Amazon *) moss or decorative elements such as stones, decorative houses, figures, etc.

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1. The drainage

As with all planters, drainage is essential for the zinc tub. To do this, drill several fingernail-sized holes in the bottom of the zinc tub. Cover these with potsherds so they don't get clogged.

Then put an approximately two-inch-thick drainage layer made of expanded clay or potsherds in the zinc tub.

2. Earth

Which soil is right depends on which plants you want to grow. For succulents, sandy soil is more suitable, herbs or vegetables need a lot of nutrients, so some compost is not bad and good garden soil is sufficient for flowers.

Fill the zinc tub with soil to about 10 cm below the edge.

3. Place plants

Now distribute the plants in the tub. Don't put them too close together to give them room to unfold. Then fill in the remaining soil to a few centimeters below the edge.

4. Decorative elements

Finally, to give your zinc tub the finishing touch, you can distribute decorative elements. Of course, it makes sense to plan this in advance of planting the plants. Simple pebbles, clay figures or other things can be used as decorative elements. Those who are particularly creative can design entire landscapes with houses, paths and "mini-trees" in the zinc tub.

What to plant the zinc tub with?

Here are a few nice ideas:

  • Create an impressive mini stone landscape from succulents, stones, bits of roots and pebbles.
  • Let it go colorful: Plant many different colored summer flowers in the zinc tub and create a summer sea of ​​flowers.
  • Vegetable garden: sow lettuce, radishes or tomatoes in the zinc tub. Strawberries and herbs also thrive here.

The zinc tub as a mini pond

A zinc tub is ideal as a mini pond. So if you want to plant aquatic plants in your zinc tub instead of flowers, herbs, or succulents, follow these steps:

  • Put your zinc tub in the desired location.
  • Use large field stones and clay flower pots to create different levels in the zinc tub.
  • Then distribute the water plants in their plant baskets (note the depth of water the respective plant needs).
  • Fill them with water.