Build an insect hotel out of pallets

Build an insect hotel out of pallets

Advantages of an insect hotel made from pallets

  • You make a contribution to insect protection.
  • Insects encourage pollination of your garden plants.
  • You recycle old material and save disposal costs.
  • Pallets offer high stability and enable the filling material to be inserted easily.
  • By reusing the pallets, you save costs for a new model.
  • Wood pallets are an environmentally friendly natural material.
  • Pallets are usually weatherproof.

Creation of the pallets

Maybe you still have old pallets in stock. You can also inquire in the neighborhood or with friends. But even if you have to go to a company to buy it, there are usually no costs. Most companies are grateful if you can take old pallets from them and even give them away.

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Despite all your efforts, you can not bring up pallets? Just try fruit or wine boxes.

building instructions

Building an insect hotel from pallets is undemanding and simple. To do this, simply stack several pallets on top of each other until the desired height is reached. Choose a sunny, sheltered location for your insect hotel. However, it is important that you give the top pallet a sloping roof. This allows rainwater to run off and prevents the formation of moisture. The gaps between the wooden boards indicate the division of the compartments. All you have to do now is fill them appropriately. Bricks are recommended for the compartments in the top row.

Tip: Without a nearby source of food, the most beautiful insect hotel will remain uninhabited. Do not mow wild herbs, but turn your garden into a natural oasis.

filling material

  • For wild bees and wasps: bricks, cones, bamboo tubes, drilled hardwood
  • For earwigs, lacewings and ladybugs: wood wool, straw
  • For butterflies: thin branches