Why does my rubber tree get yellow leaves?

Why does my rubber tree get yellow leaves?

Yellow leaves on rubber trees mean that it is not producing enough chlorosis or leaf green. Perhaps this is due to a lack of magnesium. Other causes are lack of light or drafts. Excessive watering with subsequent waterlogging can also be responsible for the discoloration of the leaves. If you don't react immediately, you run the risk of losing all of its leaves on your rubber tree.

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Possible causes of yellow leaves:

  • too much water
  • Drafts
  • Lack of light
  • Magnesium deficiency

What can I do about yellow leaves on my rubber tree?

Before you buy a magnesium preparation from a gardening specialist, first check the location of your rubber tree. Is it standing in a draft or is it not getting enough light? Then move the rubber tree to another place.

If everything is okay, take a look at the potting soil. Is it wet and has it even formed waterlogging? Then you have over watered the rubber tree. The best thing to do now is to plant it immediately in fresh, drier potting soil and not water it for a few days. Only when all these measures are obviously not necessary do you give the plant magnesium.

Remedial measures for yellow leaves:

  • Change of location
  • Repot in drier potting soil
  • Magnesium preparation from specialist retailers


If you react at the first signs of yellow leaves, then you can best help your rubber tree.