Maintain jasmine as a houseplant

Maintain jasmine as a houseplant

The right location in the house

Jasmin likes it bright, even full sun. A place in the flower window is suitable, provided that the pot is not too narrow. It should be possible to open the window, because frequent ventilation is good for the jasmine. Avoid drafts.

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However, you should protect jasmine from direct midday sun. The window glass acts like a burning glass and leaves ugly brown stains on the leaves.

The jasmine gets even better if you look after it in the bucket on the terrace or balcony in summer. You just have to get him back inside in time for the frost.

It all depends on the right pot

  • Clean pot
  • large vent hole
  • slightly nutritious soil
  • Drainage layer
  • Mix earth with expanded clay (€ 17.50 at Amazon *)
  • Climbing aid

The pot must be clean and large enough for the root ball. A large drainage hole is important so that the irrigation water can drain off. Jasmine does not tolerate waterlogging at all.

Normal potting soil with some ripe compost is sufficient as potting soil. Alternatively, you can buy soil for flowering plants at a hardware store. If you want to grow the jasmine as a bonsai, a mixture of 80% Akadama and 20% compost soil is ideal. To avoid waterlogging, you should create a drainage layer in the bottom of the pot or loosen the soil with expanded clay.

At least every three years in spring you have to repot the jasmine in fresh soil.

Here's how to properly water and fertilize the houseplant

Jasmine doesn't like it too dry but not too damp either. Always water the plant when the top layer of soil has dried out. Drain off excess water immediately.

In the house, jasmine likes it if you spray it with water once a day to increase the humidity.

You have to fertilize jasmine as a houseplant during the growing season with a liquid fertilizer every 14 days.

Do you need to cut real jasmine?

Basically, you don't even have to cut the room jasmine. You can only use scissors if the tendrils are too long. Only shorten the shoots a little so that you do not remove too many flower bases.

Jasmine has to be cool in winter

In winter the jasmine needs a cool phase. In the heated living room it is then much too warm. As a result, the houseplant will not bloom for the next year.

Put the pot in a bright place where the temperature is between five and ten degrees.


You can easily propagate room jasmine yourself. To do this, cut cuttings in the spring and put them in small seed pots. (€ 14.90 at Amazon *)