Prevent brown leaf tips of the hemp palm

Prevent brown leaf tips of the hemp palm

Causes of brown leaf tips of the hemp palm

If the leaf tips of the hemp palm change color, there are various possible causes:

  • Stress after repotting
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • too little light
  • poured incorrectly
  • Frost damage
  • too low humidity
  • Diseases

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If brown leaf tips, yellow or brown leaves appear after repotting, the hemp palm suffers from stress. Does not matter. Simply cut off the leaves once they are completely dry. But be sure to leave a residue of four to six centimeters on the trunk.

Bright location with direct sunlight

Hemp palms like it very light. If the palm is too dark, it not only stops growing, the leaves also change color and dry off. This can be seen first at the tips of the leaves.

Make sure that the hemp palm gets direct sunlight at its location for at least two to three hours a day - even in winter.

Brown leaf tips due to incorrect wintering

Although hemp palms are considered winter hardy, they cannot cope with the sub-zero temperatures that often prevail in our latitudes. If it is very cold in winter, the leaves freeze to death.

Regardless of whether you overwinter a hemp palm directly outdoors or in a bucket - ensure sufficient winter protection. This also applies to the palm heart, which you have to protect from both cold and wetness.

Wrap the fan palm with suitable materials:

  • Garden fleece
  • Burlap
  • Coconut mats
  • Fir branches

Place hemp palms in the tub protected so that the plant does not get too wet.

Cut off brown leaf tips

You can cut off brown leaf tips with scissors.

Use sharp scissors, not knives. This prevents the interfaces from tearing and thus providing germs a good breeding ground.


When watering and fertilizing a hemp palm, you must be careful that you are not doing too much or too little of a good thing. Always water when the surface of the soil is completely dry and do not fertilize hemp palms too often.