Are orchids harmful or not in the bedroom?

Are orchids harmful or not in the bedroom?

Orchids improve the indoor climate

Inquisitive scientists wanted to know exactly whether the stereotype of harmful plants in the bedroom is true. Long-term experiments have shown that indoor plants de facto purify the air by filtering out pollutants. Orchids also make a valuable contribution to increasing the humidity. With their splendid blooms they spread a motivating good-mood atmosphere as a houseplant.

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These orchids feel at home in the bedroom

Not all orchid species are suitable for the cool temperatures that dominate bedrooms. We looked around the kingdom of the queen of flowers and discovered the following orchids that do not necessarily depend on tropical warmth:

  • Kahnlippe (Cymbidium), with a temperature minimum of 15 degrees in summer and 10 degrees in winter
  • Lady's slipper (Cypripedium), with a temperature minimum of 16 degrees in summer and 13 degrees in winter
  • Callus orchid (Oncidium), with a temperature minimum of 15 degrees in summer and 12 degrees in winter

The popular butterfly orchid (Phalaenopsis), on the other hand, does not like to linger in the bedroom. She favors a tropical and warm climate around 25 degrees Celsius. Only in the weeks after a flowering period does a light, cool location get the bud formation going.


The bedroom of pollen allergy sufferers is forbidden territory for orchids. Anyone with this disease should avoid all flowering and green houseplants here. If you still want to turn your other living spaces into a green refuge, you can fall back on ornamental foliage plants that do not produce flowers and pollen. These include ferns, green lilies, mountain palms and philodendrons.