Grow dahlias in pots on the patio or balcony

Grow dahlias in pots on the patio or balcony

Which pots are suitable?

The pot or bucket must be big enough that the tuber has enough space in it. The top diameter of the pot should be about half the height of the adult dahlia. For varieties with a height of 60 centimeters, the diameter must therefore be 30 centimeters.

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The planters must have one large or several small drainage holes so that excess water can drain away. Put pottery shards on the holes. Then they don't clog.

How to plant georgins in the tub

Fill the pots with nutritious, loose garden soil with a pH value of 6.5. Mix in a slow release fertilizer right away or buy pre-fertilized soil from the garden center.

The dahlia tubers are placed in the pot with the root neck facing up so that there is still several centimeters of soil above and below.

Press the soil firmly and water the dahlias so that the soil is neither too dry nor too moist.

The right location on the terrace and balcony

  • Sunny
  • Warm
  • Sheltered from the wind

Choose a warm, sheltered location. To be on the safe side, secure large-flowered dahlia varieties with buttresses so that the flowers do not break off.

Like all georgines, dahlias in pots are only allowed outside when sub-zero temperatures are no longer expected.

Caring for dahlias in pots properly

Georgines prefer even moisture. In full sun, the plants have a higher water requirement. Therefore, check the moisture content of the soil regularly.

Fertilizing is only necessary if you have used older garden soil. Check the flowers for pests.

To lengthen the flowering time, always cut out dead flowers in the same way.

Tips & Tricks

Some hobby gardeners overwinter their dahlias in pots. This is not advisable because the tubers rot or dry out easily. It is better if you take the dahlia bulbs out of the tub in autumn and store them in a suitable place until spring.