The most beautiful types of maple for beds and balconies - hand-picked varieties

The most beautiful types of maple for beds and balconies - hand-picked varieties

Sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) - the turnip among the maple species

Sycamore maple is a stately maple tree that is impressive in the park. With a height of up to 30 meters and a picturesque crown up to 15 meters wide, the giant brings you a bright firework of colors in autumn. The tree of the year 2009 is also the originator of two great varieties:

  • Leopoldii: yellow speckled leaves in ever new patterns; 10 to 20 m height and 4 to 6 m crown diameter
  • Prinz Handjery: ideal for small gardens with a broad oval or spherical crown, golden yellow autumn color; 4 to 7 m in height

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The dark side of sycamore maple and its varieties should not be overlooked despite all admiration for its beauty. Researchers recently found that this maple tree contains poison that is deadly to horses and donkeys. The toxin is responsible for widespread willow myopathy, the cause of which has long been a mystery.

Norway maple (Acer platanoides) - progenitor of brilliant varieties

We owe a whole host of splendid varieties to the native Norway maple. As a pure species, the maple tree inspires with a stature height of 15 to 25 meters and pointed, 5 to 7-lobed ornamental leaves. Its yellow-orange-red autumn color is spectacular. Knowledgeable breeders have refined the distinctive character traits into shapely varieties:

  • Golden Globe: rare maple tree with golden yellow leaves that turn slightly green in autumn; 6 to 10 m height
  • Blood maple 'Faassen's Black': globular, yellow-red flowers in March, black-red foliage in summer; 10 to 15 m height
  • Drummondii: leaves with white margins that sparkle in the summer wind, conical, later spherical crown; 7 to 10 m in height

The crowd favorite among the Norway maple varieties is the elegant spherical maple 'Globosum'. The versatile maple tree scores with a spherical crown that flattens out slightly with age and provides pleasant shade. With a height of 350 to 600 cm, the beautifully proportioned variety adorns the front garden, lines an avenue or flanks the house entrance.

Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) - maple tree from Asia

A maple tree immigrated from Asia to Europe, which took the hearts of creative gardeners by storm. European maple trumps with a compact silhouette and varied foliage, paired with undemanding care. On the basis of the pure type, a large selection of glamorous varieties is available to you today. The following overview with important key data should make your choice easier:

Maple varietiesAtropurpureaDissectum GarnetAureumShishigashiraSkeeter's BroomMikawa yatsubusa
Stature300 to 400 cm100 to 150 cm200 to 300 cm150 to 200 cm100 to 200 cm60 to 150 cm
width300 to 400 cm100 to 150 cm200 to 300 cm50 to 100 cm100 to 200 cm60 to 80 cm
Foliage colordark redpurplegolden yellowdeep greencoral red to dark purple redgrass green
Autumn colorsbright redflaming redyellow-orange to reddishyellow to orange-redbright redyellow-orange to red
special featuremany-shoot shrub or small treeoverhanging growth in old agetightly upright habitcurled leaves in clustersrichly branchingtwisted branches, roof-tile-like arrangement of the leaves

Field maple (Acer campestre)

This selection of beautiful maple species is only complete with the robust field maple. A colorful array of decorative and useful attributes catapults the measure holder to a top position in the ranking of popular ornamental trees. With a stature height of 300 to 1500 cm, rapid annual growth and good-natured cut tolerance, field maple functions equally as a house tree and a hedge plant. The following beautiful varieties emerged from the tree of the year 2015:

  • Carnival: white variegated leaves, yellow autumn colors, rapid growth; 300 to 600 cm in height
  • Red Shine: red shoots in spring, bronze-green in summer, yellow in autumn; 500 to 900 cm in height
  • Nanum: pretty spherical field maple, slowly growing, valuable bee pasture; 400 to 800 cm in height

In the near-natural garden, the family and farm garden, field maple serves as an easy-care enclosure that keeps curious glances away almost all year round. There is already a lot going on in the bushes in spring because the inconspicuous flowers bees, bumblebees and butterflies offer a rich nectar buffet. Birds find a sheltered retreat here and enthusiastically peck at the autumn berries.


Among the maple species, the range of giants is not limited to the sycamore maple. An equally huge maple tree found its way to Europe from North America. Silver maple (Acer saccharinum) is called the showpiece because its leaves shimmer silvery-white underneath. With a height of up to 30 meters, this species is in no way inferior to the sycamore maple.