Ticks in the garden - what to do now

Ticks in the garden - what to do now

Infestation test provides information - this is how you can detect ticks in the garden

Do you suspect that your pet caught a tick in the garden rather than in the forest? Then you can do a simple test to see if the bloodsuckers are on your property. To do this, pull a white cloth or sheet over the entire vegetation. Then examine black or brown spots on the fabric with a magnifying glass. As arachnids, ticks can be clearly identified on their eight legs.

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Make tick remedies yourself - that's how it works

If you have discovered ticks in your garden, please act immediately. In the early stages of the infection, there is a good chance that you can get rid of the dangerous bloodsuckers with a home remedy. The following recipe is based on natural ingredients to combat nuisances without toxins. That is how it goes:

  • Boil one liter of water in a saucepan
  • Slice some citrus fruits
  • Place in the boiling water and cook for a minute
  • Add peppermint leaves or essential oils to enhance the effect
  • Let simmer for another hour

Fill the cooled solution into a pressure sprayer or a spray bottle. Treat all dark, damp and cool locations in the garden with the product regularly as long as the tick season prevails from April to October. Especially after a rain shower you should freshen up the repellent.

Combat on two levels - ticks have no chance

The recommended home remedy alone is not enough to fight the die-hard pests. By doing the following in the garden, you will hold the cunning ticks in a pincer and sooner or later they will run away. The strategy aims at a sun-drenched garden, which the beasts don't like. How to do it right:

  • Regularly prune and thin out bushes and trees
  • Keep the lawn short throughout the season
  • Store firewood in a dry and light place
  • Do not leave leaves on the ground

As a preventive measure, we recommend removing abandoned nests and cleaning bird houses in late autumn. The dangerous crawfish prefer to nest and hibernate at these locations. Since ticks are still active in mild winter weather, protect yourself year-round with Autan and long-sleeved clothing when fighting the tough insects.


When you start a new garden, you can use a simple means to prevent impending tick pests. By enclosing the property with a close-meshed, high fence, you keep bloodsuckers' host animals at a distance. Neither fox, hare nor vole should overcome this barrier. A depth of 50 cm and a height of 200 cm is therefore recommended as suitable dimensions.