How to build a fire pit yourself - DIY instructions

How to build a fire pit yourself - DIY instructions

This is what you need to build a fireplace

To build a brick fireplace you will need these materials:

  • Bricks or firebrick panels for the subfloor
  • semi-refractory bricks for the border of your choice (bricks, clinker bricks, natural stones ...)
  • gravel
  • and cement.

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When it comes to tools, you need:

  • a spade and a shovel
  • Sticks and a piece of string to measure
  • a trowel
  • as well as hand brush and brush

To allow the mortar to dry quickly, you should do the construction on a dry and sunny day.

Preparation of a fire-proof base

For the fireproof surface, first mark the desired dimensions of the fireplace with the sticks and the cord. The shape and size are entirely up to you: Fireplaces are usually round, but they can also be square or oval. Prick off the sward and dig a hole four to eight inches deep - about halfway up the spade blade. Pound the soil well and fill the hole with gravel. You can lay fireclay panels on top, but this is basically not necessary, especially for smaller fireplaces.

Setting and fixing the stones - instructions for building a border

Once the subsurface is solid, you can place the stones of the border. Proceed as follows:

  • Place the first row of stones around the fireplace.
  • Mortar the resulting joints.
  • Insert straight poles into the ground at regular intervals.
  • Stretch a string along it.
  • With this tool you can build the wall straight more easily.
  • Pull up the wall by placing each layer of stones offset from the others.
  • Carefully grout joints and crevices.
  • Finally, work on the mortar well with a trowel, brush and hand brush.
  • It should be a smooth, straight surface with no protrusions.

The freshly built fireplace should not be used until the mortar has dried.

Which stones are best for a fire pit?

Bricks or clinker stones are best for building a brick fireplace, the latter in particular being available in many pretty colors. Both types of rock were produced under the influence of great heat and are therefore very heat-resistant. Natural stones such as granite, sandstone or basalt, on the other hand, tend to burst and therefore have no place in the fire. Special refractory concrete is suitable for concreted fireplaces.


You should always cover unused fireplaces, preferably with rainproof material. This saves you unnecessary cleaning work before each use, and it also keeps the fireplace dry.