When do peonies bloom?

When do peonies bloom?

May to June

The perennial peonies, which are most commonly planted in local gardens, bloom as early as the beginning of May, depending on the weather. In cooler locations, the flowers open from late May / early June. The flowers are present until well into June. Shrub / tree peonies also bloom at this time.

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Before and after the flowering period - care

It is advisable to fertilize the peony before flowering so that there are plenty of flowers and they do not kink on the long stems. During flowering there is plenty of watering if there is no rain.

After flowering, it is a good idea to cut off the old flowers to prevent seeds from forming (takes a lot of strength). Unless you need the seeds for propagation ...

Characteristics of the flowers

The flowers of the peonies have these characteristics:

  • terminal
  • on long, green stems
  • are reminiscent of rose petals
  • on average 8 to 10 cm in diameter (some species over 20 cm)
  • hermaphroditic
  • mostly fragrant
  • densely filled to unfilled
  • 4 to 13 petals
  • 2 to 9 sepals
  • Petals sometimes ruffled or puckered
  • many short stamens
  • in pink, red, white, yellow and intermediate colors


If you like, you can use individual flowers as cut flowers. They should also be cut off in bud condition with the longest possible stem.