This is how the care of pineapples as a houseplant is a success

This is how the care of pineapples as a houseplant is a success

An ornamental pineapple becomes an eye-catcher

The many requests from hobby gardeners for pineapple plants for indoor cultivation were met by resourceful breeders with beautiful ornamental pineapples. The small varieties Ananas Champaca, Ananas bracteatus and Ananas comosus 'Variegatus' captivate with their colorful leaf decorations and blend harmoniously into living spaces. The distinctive plants are available in well-stocked specialist shops and online shops. How to care for the exotic plants for a splendid growth:

  • the ideal location is sunny with shade from the blazing midday sun
  • the temperatures are constantly between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius
  • Water ornamental pineapples regularly, whereby the substrate dries up in the meantime
  • from March / April to August / September fertilize every 14 days with a liquid preparation

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The tropical houseplant only unfolds its unique beauty when it is surrounded by high humidity. A daily shower from the spray bottle with lime-free water rounds off the care program.

Hibernate pineapples properly as a houseplant

Ornamental pineapples do not fall into a winter calm in the traditional sense. In view of the limited lighting conditions, temperatures can fluctuate around 20 degrees Celsius. A humidity of at least 60 percent is essential. You should therefore continue to spray the pineapple regularly as a houseplant. Do not water until the substrate has dried. The plant does not receive fertilizer during the winter.

Uncomplicated propagation by Kindel

Like its big relative, a pineapple only flowers and fruit as a houseplant once. Before the mother plant dies, it independently produces offspring in the form of side shoots. These thrive clearly at the base and have all the properties of a self-sufficient pineapple plant. This is how the increase succeeds:

  • Cut off Kindel with a length of 10-15 centimeters
  • plant in peat sand or potting soil in 10 centimeter pots
  • Put a transparent plastic bag over it and let it take root in a warm, partially shaded place

After 8 to 10 weeks, the young plant will develop a new root system. The hood can now be removed to transplant the plant and care for it like an adult.

Tips & Tricks

If you do not want to forego fruit enjoyment with a pineapple as a houseplant, you can grow a baby pineapple (Ananas nanus). With a height of 35 centimeters, the variety fits into every living room. The cute fruits are suitable for consumption.


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