Tips and tricks for peeling a sweet potato

Tips and tricks for peeling a sweet potato

The sweet potato is also healthy with the skin on

With the exception of young spring potatoes, potatoes must be peeled because their peel absorbs the poisonous substance solanine during storage. If you apply this rule to the potatoes, you are on the wrong track. Because the name is misleading: while potatoes belong to the nightshade family, the sweet potato is a bindweed. There is no relationship. This also prevents the formation of solanine in the sweet potato. So you don't necessarily have to peel your sweet potato. However, if you prefer this for hygienic reasons, you should know that the bowl contains the substance Caiapo. This is considered to be particularly healthy for the organism and has the following effects:

  • lowers the risk of diabetes
  • protects against anemia
  • lowers blood pressure

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What to consider before consuming

So there is a lot to be said for including the skin of a sweet potato. Valuable ingredients are hardly lost even when cooking. You can also process a sweet potato raw without any problems. In this case, however, there are a few things you should consider before the potato lands on the plate:

  • only eat intact tubers that are free from pressure or mold
  • wash the sweet potato thoroughly. Not only when you've harvested your own tuber, you need to brush the soil off. Many germs from the supermarket are also deposited on vegetables that are bought
  • If your sweet potatoes germinate again after a long period of storage, you should definitely remove the new shoots
  • cut off the ends of the tuber. Most of them have a slightly bitter taste

Time-saving tip: Depending on the size of the batata, the cooking time is half an hour to three quarters of an hour. Don't feel like waiting that long? Pierce your sweet potato all around with a fork and heat the vegetables for five minutes on the highest wattage in the microwave. This also makes the flesh wonderfully soft.

Advantages and disadvantages of an unpeeled sweet potato

Whether or not you peel your sweet potato is a matter of taste. If you are trying the vegetables for the first time and are still undecided about how to prepare them, these advantages and disadvantages will help you weigh them up.


  • the shell contains large amounts of caiapo
  • time-saving
  • less loss of flavor and nutrients when cooking


  • possibly sandy taste due to insufficient cleaning
  • Only the flesh reveals the impressive color of the potatoes

Different forms of preparation

With or without the peel - here are the most delicious ways to prepare a sweet potato:

  • grated raw in a salad
  • cooked with herb quark
  • as crispy chips
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Kumpir (stuffed sweet potato)
  • as oven vegetables
  • as soup
  • as a puree
  • on the run
  • as a cake
  • from the grill
  • as toast with a sweet or savory topping or spread
  • or simply as a side dish

Peel the sweet potato

When cooking a peeled sweet potato, do the following:

  1. wash off the tuber
  2. peel the sweet potato with a potato peeler
  3. put the sweet potato in boiling water
  4. use a fork to check if the inside is soft
  5. pour off the water. If necessary, you can collect the brew and use it as a basis for a vegetable soup
  6. you can now use the potatoes as you wish


Of course, you can also peel the sweet potato after it has been cooked. This has the advantage that the vitamins it contains are retained. The soft-boiled shell can then be removed as if by itself.

Store sweet potatoes

For storage, it is essential not to peel the sweet potato. The pulp dries out quickly and loses its taste. The color can also change when you cook. A few squirts of lemon juice will prevent this. Wrap the batatas individually in newspaper and place them in a place protected from light. It is important that the tubers only come into contact with water immediately before consumption.

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