Do I have to paint the inside of my garden house too?

Do I have to paint the inside of my garden house too?

Why should the inside be painted?

It is true that the interior of the summer house is mostly dry, but dust and cobwebs in connection with the natural humidity form organic substances that provide an excellent breeding ground for mold and weathering.

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If moisture penetrates unintentionally at some point, initially only unpleasant smelling mold stains form. As a result, dangerous mold infestation becomes visible.

Therefore, the following applies: Without painting, nothing works in the interior of the garden house either.

What to do if it has not yet been deleted?

Our advice: do this as soon as possible. Proceed as follows:

  • Clear the entire house and check the corners and walls thoroughly. Are there any mold stains?
  • Then you should also take a look at the roof, sometimes water seeps in here after just a few years. Seal the roof if necessary.
  • If water collects in the interior, it may also be necessary to seal the floor slab against moisture rising from the ground.

How is it deleted?

If the house is rebuilt, a first protective coat should be applied before assembly. Use breathable and moisture-regulating glazes for the interior. (€ 59.87 at Amazon *)

  • Before the renovation coat, remove old layers of paint pore-deep with emery paper.
  • First paint the walls, then the ceiling and finally the floor.
  • Depending on the surface and use of the arbor, conventional wall paints or glazes with a wood tone can be used, which give the garden shed (€ 7.70 on Amazon *) a rustic look.


Do you like to stay in the arbor even in the cold season? Then it is worth thinking about suitable insulation measures before repainting the interior.