Growing moss yourself - instructions for 3 simple methods

Growing moss yourself - instructions for 3 simple methods

Bringing dried moss to life - this is how it works

To green a shady spot in a bed with moss, use the unique survival power of this rootless land plant. Buy dried moss of your favorite deciduous moss or liverwort species from specialist shops. Sprinkle the material on a thin layer of peat sand and spray it regularly with water. Within a few weeks, the area is covered with a thick, lush green carpet of moss.

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How to skillfully cultivate moss with buttermilk - How to do it right

Do you dream of a wild and romantic wall, facade or stone sculpture, covered with a velvety green patina made of moss? Then use the congenial partnership of moss and buttermilk to cultivate moss on vertical, shady surfaces. That is how it goes:

  • Put 2 handfuls of washed moss pads in a blender
  • Top with 1 or 2 cups of buttermilk
  • Mix briefly until a creamy, spreadable consistency is obtained

Brush the moss milk onto the surface with a brush. Alternatively, you can use natural yoghurt, which is also suitable as an addition. So that an even moss carpet develops, the greened area is sprayed with water every day.

This is how you grow your own moss from spores

As a rootless spore plant, moss cannot serve with seeds to cultivate a green carpet by sowing. With a little tact you can grow moss yourself from the extremely fine spores. This method has proven particularly useful for greening the root disc of a bonsai. How to proceed properly:

  • Cut off the small stems with ripe spore capsules above the moss
  • Carefully pluck the capsules from the stems and place on a plate
  • Mash with your finger or a spoon

A fine-grained, lean substrate is well suited as a cultivation soil for moss spores. Slightly moisten the soil and use a fine brush to transfer the spores. Then put a transparent plastic bag over the vessel, as a warm and humid microclimate will force growth. Then pour from below so as not to wash the extremely fine spores from the substrate.


In order to grow moss quickly, impatient hobby gardeners use the division. To do this, collect small pieces of moss pads in the forest or garden. A flower box, small pots (€ 13.18 on Amazon *) or ideally a glass mini greenhouse act as a growing vessel. (€ 6.96 at Amazon *) On a 5 cm thick substrate layer of peat and sand, plant the pieces of moss 3-5 cm apart and spray them daily with soft water.