The most important strawberry varieties at a glance

The most important strawberry varieties at a glance

Selected varieties for early harvest

Can't wait to enjoy the first strawberries in early summer? Then you should delve into the following overview with the best early ripening strawberry varieties:

  • Donna: the newest early variety with bright red, sugar-sweet fruits
  • Darselect: an interesting immigrant from the south of France with a wonderful aroma
  • Lambada: the variety captivates with bright red, shiny fruits and a unique sweetness
  • Honeoye: a particularly rich variety with even, dark red strawberries
  • Daroyale: the red to dark red fruits can be kept for a long time

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Selected medium-late ripening strawberries

The following selection of varieties represents the 'golden mean' in a balanced planting plan. While the early strawberry plants have already been cleaned and the later ones are still waiting, the hour for these cultivars strikes:

  • Senga Sengana: is considered the ultimate variety for the allotment garden, aromatic, large fruits
  • Polka: adaptable variety that also thrives in heavy soil, the ideal choice for the garden
  • Korona: likes light soil and convinces with its stiffly upright growth for an effortless harvest
  • Elsanta: the most popular variety in commercial cultivation also thrives in allotment gardens
  • Sonata: delivers juicy, sweet fruits in abundance

Late ripening strawberry varieties that are worth waiting for

The concentrated power of countless hours of sunshine gathers in the fruits until they are ready for harvest. At least one of the following late-ripening strawberry plants has a place in the bed to create a furious finale.

  • Pandora: ripens as one of the last in the bed and pampers strawberry fans with a slightly sour taste
  • Vicoda: supplies first-class material for preserving with solid fruits
  • Nerid: scores with remarkable disease resistance and juicy strawberries
  • Symphony: delicious, firm fruit for fresh consumption and for pickling
  • Sweet Mary XXL: she lives up to her name with huge, tasty strawberries

Perpetual fruit enjoyment with monthly strawberries

In contrast to the classic garden strawberry, monthly strawberries come from the local wild strawberry. Therefore, the following varieties combine the remontant properties of wild species with the juicy-sweet taste of the immigrated cultivated strawberry. These attributes make everbearing monthly strawberries ideal varieties for pots and flower boxes. (€ 13.18 at Amazon *)

  • Ostara: the most popular snack for children with a delicious taste
  • Amandine: interesting new breed with elongated, light red strawberries
  • Mara de Bois: medium-sized fruits, does not develop any offshoots
  • Merosa: adorns the balcony with pink flowers in the traffic light
  • Hummi Praliné: rightly bears its tempting name, ripening medium early
  • Wädenswil: the earliest variety among the monthly strawberries

Old varieties in trend

They have continued their triumphant advance in the private kitchen garden for years. Old vegetables and fruits are more modern than ever. This applies not least to the following classics among strawberry plants:

  • Mieze Schindler: 90 years old and still young with small, sugary fruit candies
  • Queen Luise: on the market for 75 years and trendier than ever, ripens early and has a wonderful taste
  • Reusraths very earliest: a traditional lover's variety, seduces with an intense aroma
  • Herzbergs Triumph: develops particularly solid runners, a first-class climbing strawberry
  • Beautiful Meißnerin: already delighted our ancestors with an excellent aroma

Wild strawberries - perfect as ground cover and for tricky locations

Local wild strawberries do not have to hide behind the mighty garden strawberries, because they know how to score with other attributes. The following varieties are so frugal by nature that they can turn even partially shaded locations near the forest into a snack garden. In addition, they have proven to be excellent ground cover. Not to forget the special qualities in the planter on the balcony with countless fruit pralines.

  • Forest queen: enriches the ornamental garden with white flowers and deep red fruits
  • Mignonette: the gourmet variety among wild strawberries with a wonderful fragrance
  • Rubra: a feast for the eyes with bright, pink-red flowers and countless fruits
  • Alexandria: Growth height 15-20 centimeters, long harvest time from June to September
  • Waldsteinia: a real ornament with yellow flowers
  • Alpine Yellow: whitish-yellow variety with a wonderful taste
  • Pink Panda: popular ground cover with pink flowers and deep red strawberries

A rarity among the wild strawberries comes under the name White Soul. Small white fruits thrive here on shoots up to 20 centimeters high.

The gifted climbing strawberry

Although every climbing strawberry variety is predestined for climbing strawberries, resourceful breeders have succeeded in finding a particularly suitable variety. Known under the name Hummi, this plant has first-class, stable tendrils. If a fence or a trellis is available to help, she climbs up to 150 centimeters into the sky.

Tips & Tricks

Do you like to cause a sensation in the garden? Then the pineapple strawberry with white fruits and red nuts is an excellent choice. If you plant the black strawberry in community, the sensation is perfect.