Hide pond filters - you have these options

Hide pond filters - you have these options

Problem pond filter

A pond filter is not even necessary in many cases. The natural cleaning effect of aquatic organisms, microorganisms and plankton is usually sufficient to keep the water in balance and prevent the pond from “tipping over” (complete algae growth of the pond).

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Filters are always necessary wherever there is fish in the pond and where large quantities are being fed. In this case, the aquatic organisms can no longer adequately clean the pond and a filter must ensure that the water is clear.

Of course, a reasonably natural look should also be retained in this case. The plastic filter housings with their unattractive appearance are often very annoying.

Opportunities to hide

To make the pond filter "optically disappear", there are some creative possibilities:

  • Cover the filter with covers
  • Building over the filter with small model houses
  • Overbuild the filter with a small, discarded barrel

Covers for the filter

There are suitable covers for many filters, most of which are available in the form of natural stones. They are often made of GRP, glass fiber reinforced plastic, and are actually very similar in appearance to real stones.

This can be a good and easy way to make the pond filter disappear. Of course, you can also build such covers yourself.

Cover by model house

It can be very attractive to build a small thatched roof house or another, as traditional as possible, house in which the ugly looking pond filter is then housed.

Those who like to do handicrafts can easily build such a house themselves. In many gardens there are lovingly designed, small works of art by the pond, which then significantly enhance the pond.

Cover with a small barrel

If you get a small, discarded barrel or find a suitable decorative object, you can also place the pond filter in it. The outlet of the barrel is then also the outlet of the pond filter. This is optically consistent and looks extremely attractive.


Let your imagination run wild and come up with creative covers that you can then make yourself. There are many options here.