Edging beds with a difference - tips and ideas

Edging beds with a difference - tips and ideas

In order to create a harmonious design, you should always keep an eye on the style of your garden when choosing the bed borders. Concrete borders are less suitable for a cottage garden, wicker fences or wooden borders emphasize the character of a natural garden much better. Noble material like granite, on the other hand, fits very well into a correspondingly landscaped rose garden.

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Traditional flower beds

Boxwood is certainly not an insider tip for a bed border. But since it can be easily cut into almost any conceivable shape, you can also use it to create an unusual border. However, this requires creativity and an experienced use of the secateurs.

Even with a bed frame made of wood, you can let your imagination run wild and design it in an unusual way. For example, you can use old railway sleepers for this or thick branches from your garden.

Saw them into pieces of different lengths. Then hit the pieces so deep into the ground that they stay stable. The upper edge can be quite irregular, which gives your bed border a special charm.

Braided bed borders

You can buy wicker fences in various designs in hardware stores or garden shops. If you have a hazelnut bush or a willow in your garden, you can weave such a border yourself. You can adjust the height perfectly to your needs and design the arches you want.

You can use the clippings from your willow or hazel bush that accrues annually for such braiding. If you need more branches for your edging, that's no problem either. These shrubs can tolerate radical pruning and then sprout again. The thicker branches are suitable for the pegs that you want to braid around. Put these deep enough into the earth, after all they should give the fence stability. For braiding, use young flexible shoots of different lengths and thicknesses.

Edible borders

If you would like to design your bed border with culinary plants, you can use herbs, for example. The choice is huge. With lemon balm, rosemary, sage or thyme, a fragrant hedge can be created quite easily, but chives are also suitable as a border. On the other hand, the use of carrots with their filigree herbs is quite unusual, but very decorative.

Unusual bed borders:

  • self braided
  • Culinary herbs
  • Carrots
  • self-designed palisades made of branches or railway sleepers


When it comes to edging beds, you are not bound by any set rules; above all, they should go well with your garden.