Is the green lily poisonous to cats?

Is the green lily poisonous to cats?

Nevertheless, even as a cat owner, you don't want to do without indoor plants. This is also not necessary, because there are many non-toxic plants and also the possibility of planting particularly sought-after or tasty specimens in a hanging basket (€ 14.99 at Amazon *) so that they are inaccessible to animals.

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From dealing with plants and animals

Cats and other pets should also not eat more or less non-toxic plants at will, although the long leaves of the green lily are very seductive. There are special forage plants for this, which are also digestible in larger quantities. This is not the case with other plants and also with the green lily, it can certainly cause nausea and diarrhea. In addition, pitted leaves do not necessarily look particularly decorative.

You should remove poisonous plants from your household. If your cat leaves the plants on the windowsill alone, do not put catnip there either, it could be too tempting for the cat. The windowsill should remain taboo for your pet. It is better to find another place for the catnip, for example near the sleeping place or the scratching post.

Tips for cat owners:

  • no poisonous plants within reach of the cat
  • Flower basket for plants that should not be nibbled on
  • Catnip near the favorite spot

Tips & Tricks

Plant your green lily in a hanging basket and it will be safe from your cat's teeth.