How to overwinter geraniums in a flower box

How to overwinter geraniums in a flower box

Hibernate geraniums in a flower box

Geraniums can be perfectly bare-rooted and even brought over winter in a dark cellar, but you also have other options. One of them is the option of wintering the geraniums in a flower box (€ 13.19 on Amazon *). In this case, however, you should place the flowers in a cool place - temperatures between five and ten degrees Celsius are optimal - and light. The rule of thumb is that geraniums need more light the warmer they are in winter.

Prepare geraniums for winter

Wintering also requires some preparation so that your plants get through the cold season well.

  • The plants are cut back in mid / late October
  • however, a radical cut is not necessary
  • Above all, remove the weak and long shoots
  • as well as flowers and buds
  • and shorten the rest.
  • Drain the geraniums from the old substrate
  • and cover the roots loosely with a mixture of potting soil and sand
  • The substrate should always be kept slightly moist.
  • There is no fertilization in winter.


Before you bring the plants out of hibernation in spring, they are pruned again. In this case, mainly the horny shoots that have grown over the winter are removed.