Store and keep porcini mushrooms properly

Store and keep porcini mushrooms properly

Do not take every boletus from the forest

If you know in advance that you will not be able to process your harvest on the same day, you should only take young mushrooms with you from the forest. These must also be checked on site for possible maggot damage, otherwise you could expect a nasty surprise at home. Maggots (and other animals) also find the porcini mushroom delicious, but they often hide inside the mushroom. There they eat their way from bottom to top unnoticed. So always cut porcini mushrooms lengthways and remove any maggots and traces of maggots.

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Purchased vs. self-collected mushrooms

Of course, nothing is as fresh as porcini mushrooms that you have collected yourself: If these are also young, you can easily store them in the refrigerator for another day or two - cleaned of course. Sometimes you can buy fresh porcini mushrooms at the weekly market or even in the supermarket. These can no longer be stored because they have already been on the move for a few days. Like all wild mushrooms, these are also imported from abroad (mostly from Eastern European countries) and are therefore no longer really fresh when sold. Purchased mushrooms should therefore always be processed on the same day.

Clean porcini mushrooms properly

If you want to keep the porcini mushrooms for a few more days, you should still clean them beforehand - the main thing is to track down and remove any maggots. Otherwise, the animals will eat their way through the mushrooms while they are being stored, so that they will spoil in a seemingly complete surprise. Please do not wash porcini mushrooms either, otherwise they will soak up with water and spoil faster. Not to mention the loss of aroma they suffer from swelling.

How to store porcini mushrooms

To keep your porcini mushrooms fresh for a day or two, you should take the following tips to heart:

  • Do not store the mushrooms in plastic or plastic containers.
  • Also remove plastic film or similar.
  • Condensation forms underneath and the mushrooms spoil faster.
  • Instead, wrap the cleaned mushrooms in a cotton or linen cloth.
  • You can also use paper or pulp.
  • Store the mushrooms protected in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator.
  • Make sure that the mushrooms are loose and not squashed.

As soon as mold has formed, the mushrooms are no longer edible and should be disposed of.


For an even longer shelf life - for example because the yield from a walk in the forest was so large - you can also dry, freeze or pickle boletus.

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