Is the bluebell tree hardy?

Is the bluebell tree hardy?

If your bluebell tree has bloomed profusely and has developed plenty of fruit capsules, these capsules fall off in spring and the seeds germinate by themselves. However, these seedlings are very sensitive to frost and usually freeze to death in the first winter without protection. They can only survive in a very mild region (wine-growing region).

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How do I care for my bluebell tree in winter?

So that your bluebell tree can be in full bloom next spring, the buds that have already been planted in autumn need a mild climate or winter protection. Cold frosty easterly winds make them freeze to death very easily. The paulownia is therefore not that easy to care for. Even if the tree does not show autumn colors, it will lose its leaves, this is completely normal and nothing to worry about.

The roots of a bluebell tree should always be protected from frost in a rough area, even if it is a bit older. You can easily do this with a thick layer of leaves or straw.

You may also want to protect the trunk by wrapping it with fleece, jute or an old blanket. If the bluebell tree is not yet too big for this, then pull a foil or fleece over the entire tree so that the flowers and young shoots cannot freeze to death.

How do I overwinter a young bluebell tree?

At least in the first winter you should bring your little bluebell tree to a frost-free winter quarters, only the woody shoots can withstand the cold. Therefore, it makes sense to plant the tree in the bucket and put it in a sheltered place in the garden for the third or fourth year.

The essentials in brief:

  • older trees hardy, light winter protection may be required
  • It is better to overwinter young plants frost-free
  • young shoots and buds are very sensitive to frost


In an area with heavy frosts or frequent late frosts, the bluebell tree is often difficult to flower. If the sensitive buds freeze off, only a frost-free winter can help.