Cherry trees have different roots

Cherry trees have different roots

Building the roots

According to the strength of their formation, a distinction is made between main, minor and fiber roots. The main roots grow more or less steeply downwards. Depending on the nature of the soil, their root depth can be as much as two meters. The secondary roots go almost horizontally from the main roots and thus open up the entire soil space that can be rooted through.

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The fiber roots, the actual active root parts, where both growth and nutrient uptake take place, are located on the secondary roots. The root parts that are no longer actively involved in water absorption lignify and serve to anchor and conduct the nutrient solution.

Development of the Roots

The root development of a vigorous sweet cherry tree extends in breadth and depth on deep ground, possibly a so-called taproot forms. The slow-growing sour cherries, on the other hand, are considered shallow roots. The sweet cherry also forms a heart-like root system on compacted soil.

As soon as the main root has reached a certain depth, roots form to just below the surface of the earth, which penetrate the entire rootable layer to beyond the outermost crown edge. The range of the roots increases, the drier and poorer in nutrients the soil is.

Protection and care of the roots

The roots of the fruit trees are by no means particularly deep. The main mass of the cherry tree roots is in the layer up to 50 cm deep. To keep the roots strong, they should be given some care:

  • When buying a bare-root wood, make sure that the root system is sufficient and well branched,
  • when replanting or transplanting the dried up, damaged and too long

Cut off the roots with sharp scissors so that the ends can heal better and the formation of new roots is encouraged,

  • In particularly cold winters, make a tree slice from leaves or mulch to protect the roots (€ 99.99 at Amazon *).

Tips & Tricks

“Those who plant trees take root”, “find their way back to their roots” - the word “root” is used symbolically in many idioms and stands for sedentary, homely, down-to-earth.