Planting strawberries in pots - the ideal solution on the balcony

Planting strawberries in pots - the ideal solution on the balcony

So the location and substrate are right

So that strawberries thrive in the pot and produce a rich harvest, the location and substrate should be tailored to your needs. These attributes are important:

  • sunny location, warm and protected from rain
  • not too windy, but airy
  • As a substrate, good potted plant soil based on compost

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The only strawberry pots that can be used are vessels that have at least one opening in the bottom for water drainage. Otherwise waterlogging occurs within a short time, which destroys any hope of a harvest.

Planting correctly step by step

The best time to plant strawberries on the balcony begins in spring at the end of March. Well-stocked garden centers have a large selection of suitable varieties that can cope with the limited volume of the bucket. Once the young plants and work materials are ready, you can start:

  • Place a drainage in the pot over the opening made of gravel or potsherds
  • Fill in the substrate halfway and press a small depression into it
  • Repot the strawberry plant, insert it and plant it up to the heart bud
  • leave a pouring rim free so that no wet earth overflows later
  • then pour on the substrate

As long as there is still a risk of frosts at night, place the strawberries in the pot in front of a protective wall. Spread a foil or a garden fleece over it overnight so that the young plants do not suffer frostbite. A layer of mulch made of expanded clay (€ 17.50 at Amazon *) also helps ensure that the roots do not suffer cold damage.

A sensible investment - the special strawberry pot

In view of the permanent lack of space on the balcony, the purchase of a specially developed strawberry pot is a good idea. Made of decorative terracotta or inexpensive plastic, there is space for several strawberry plants on top of each other on floors. The ingenious construction has plant pockets so that the roots do not interfere with each other.

Tips & Tricks

If you combine the strawberry varieties in the pot wisely, you can nibble on the delicious fruits all summer long. Plant varieties side by side with different harvest times, such as the double-bearing Ostara, the early Clery, the everbearing Rimona, and the late Florence.