Amaryllis withered? - With this care, the next bloom is firmly in view

Amaryllis withered? - With this care, the next bloom is firmly in view

How to correctly cut a faded amaryllis

If a flower stem has completely bloomed, please do not hesitate to cut it back. Individual withered flowers can be cleaned in advance so that they do not waste unnecessary energy on the growth of a fruit. Only cut the main shaft when there is no more flower on it and it has yellowed. The green leaves are not affected by these measures.

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End of flowering marks the beginning of summer care

When a knight's star has faded, it is far from thinking about retiring to the floral retirement part. Let a hippeastrum receive this care, set the course for the next bloom:

  • Apply liquid fertilizer every 14 days from March to July
  • Place in a sunny, warm spot on the balcony or in the garden from mid-May
  • Continue to water the knight star regularly from below

As a rule, a knight's star only develops its full leaf dress when it has faded. Depending on the general conditions, the leaves will start to shoot beforehand. So keep an eye on your amaryllis while it is in bloom so that the nutrient supply can begin as leaves grow.

Planting out in the bed promotes re-flowering

If a knight's star has faded very early in the year, there is a good chance that it will be motivated to flower again in the course of the summer. In this case, cut off dead flowers in good time so that the plant can save its strength. After the ice saints, plant the leafy amaryllis together with the pot in a warm, sunny place in the garden. In this case, please cut off wilted flowers as soon as possible.

This is how the summer care ends

The growth phase will be completed by August. Regularly supplied with water and nutrients, a new flower system has now formed inside the bulb. Now your knight star is in the mood for a break. You can meet your wish with this care:

  • Gradually reduce the watering amount from July
  • Completely stop the supply of water and nutrients in August
  • Put the knight's star in the cool, dark cellar in September

The amaryllis remains in its resting quarters until November. During this time cut off the leaves that have now been fed in. When this resting phase is over, repot the onion and the cycle starts all over again.


Please only dispose of withered flowers and other clippings of an amaryllis on the compost if no pets or grazing cattle have access to them. A knight's star is so poisonous in all parts that just a few grams are enough to poison dogs, cats and other four-legged friends.