Focus on almonds: nuts or fruit?

Focus on almonds: nuts or fruit?

A fruit tree with almonds

Botanists attribute almonds to stone fruit. You define almonds as the kernel of a fruit. For this reason, the procedure for growing is similar to that for apple or peach trees.

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In addition, the splendid spring bloom convinces with its similarity to the fruit trees.

Plant family: rose plants

The almonds also belong to the rose family. For this reason she is often called “The Queens of the Rose Family”. Peaches or apricots are also included.

Why the constant comparison with nuts?

On the one hand, an enjoyable almond is characterized by its hard character. This is very similar to a nut. In addition, almonds, like nuts, are characterized by their remarkable content of unsaturated fatty acids.

Both types support the human organism in its holistic development.

Regular consumption of almonds and nuts is also recommended. The positive composition of various nutrients turns both varieties into true prevention artists.

They are used to prevent:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • too high cholesterol
  • different types of cancer

Warning: nut allergy

However, it is important for allergy sufferers to know that almonds can trigger reactions similar to nuts. This fact is remarkable, because almonds belong to a different family of plants than their nutty friends.

For this reason, packaging is usually referred to before traces of almonds and nuts.

Rule of thumb:

Accordingly, people who are allergic to nuts should also avoid consuming almonds.

Children and nuts

Nuts of all kinds are particularly important during the Christmas season. At the same time, however, care should be taken, especially with small children, to avoid consuming them as much as possible. Often the hard core cannot be bitten into. Life-threatening shortness of breath is the result.

Tips & Tricks

As long as no allergies are known, almonds and “real” types of nuts should have a permanent place in the daily menu. To date, science has not fully explored its magical effects on human health. However, the clearly positive effect of all types of nuts has been proven.