Column fruit: varieties for outdoors or in pots

Column fruit: varieties for outdoors or in pots

Cherry trees in columnar shape

You should not automatically deduce from the name column cherry tree a compact growth habit, since many column cherries can reach absolutely considerable heights without a regular cut. The following varieties of column cherry are available in specialist shops in many places and are valued by many hobby gardeners and, in some cases, by growers:

  • Column cherry "Karina"
  • Column cherry "Schneider's late"
  • Column cherry "Giorgia"
  • Column cherry Claudia
  • Column cherry "Jachim"

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During the harvest season, cherries can be enjoyed fresh from the tree or processed well. Extend the harvest season by planting early and late varieties side by side in your garden.

Pillar bulbs: naturally slim or trimmed in shape

In the case of columnar pears, due to their genetic disposition, some varieties actually remain columnar and slender almost all by themselves, while other varieties occasionally need a slight shape cut for their upright growth habit. Overall, most columnar pear varieties are relatively easy to care for, as they do not have to be pruned as heavily as some other columnar fruit trees. The following varieties of pillar pear are particularly popular to plant outdoors or in pots:

  • Pillar bulb "Obelisk"
  • Pear shaped pear “Doyenné du Comice”
  • Pillar pear "Concorde"
  • Column pear "Bambinella"
  • Pillar pear "Decora"
  • Pillar pear "Condora"
  • Pillar pear "Conference"

The column pear variety “Conference” not only offers particularly well storable, juicy fruits, but is also suitable as a “pollinator” for the pollination of other pear varieties.

Pillar apples for balconies and gardens

While some columnar fruit trees cannot be grown very compactly, with the right pruning, columnar apples can even be heights suitable for balconies. If they are adequately watered, columnar apples also appreciate warm and sunny locations on the balcony or terrace. The following varieties have proven themselves in terms of plant health and yield:

  • Column apple "Bolero"
  • Column apple "Ballerina"
  • Column apple "Rhapsody"
  • Column apple “La Torre” (particularly resistant to scab and mildew)
  • Column apple "Flamenco"
  • Column apple “Redini Cuckoo” (with red colored pulp)
  • Column apple “Malini Black Beauty”
  • Column apple "Goldcats"
  • Column apple "Red River"
  • Column apple "Green Sensation"


Some columnar fruit trees tend (intentionally) to form extremely numerous flowers, from which sometimes an almost unreal number of fruits can arise. However, it may be that the amount of fruit is disproportionate to the size of the plant. So if you place more value on fruit quality than on quantity, you should remove some of the small fruits shortly after flowering if there is an excessive set of fruits. In this way, the remaining fruits can really ripen and develop their full aroma thanks to the better supply from the plant.