When do you need to fertilize thuja with Epsom salt?

When do you need to fertilize thuja with Epsom salt?

If there is a magnesium deficiency, fertilize thuja with Epsom salt

If the thuja shows yellow tips, you should think about a magnesium deficiency in the soil. But first check the hedge for pests and fungal diseases. Also, check that the thuja is kept moist enough but not too wet.

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If all other causes are excluded, you should take a soil sample and have it examined in the laboratory. If a deficiency in magnesium is found, fertilization with Epsom salt will help.

Regular fertilizing with Epsom salt, as it is often advised, does not make sense. You should only use this mineral fertilizer if there is actually a deficiency.

Adhere to the dosage exactly

First of all, you need to choose a suitable product. Epsom salts can be given in liquid or solid form.

The dosage instructions must be followed exactly in order to prevent over-fertilization and the resulting acidification of the soil.

For light soils, up to 4 grams of Epsom salts are administered per 100 grams of soil. For heavier soils, a dosage of up to 6 grams is sufficient. You can only give up to 9 grams in very heavy clay soils.

When to fertilize with Epsom salt?

Epsom salt is fertilized immediately after the infestation has occurred and has been confirmed by the laboratory.

  • Do not fertilize in sunshine
  • Give Epsom salts after a rain shower
  • or water the soil beforehand
  • Sprinkle very dry thuja with water

You have to pay attention to this!

When spraying, wet the top and bottom of the leaves, but not too close to the trunk. The needles should never get dripping wet.

In solid form, Epsom salt is scattered around the tree of life. The salt should not be given directly to the trunk if possible.


Fungal diseases are not so common in the tree of life. However, an increase can be seen in recent years. Often, entire hedges of tree of life can no longer be saved.