The flowers of the zucchini - a useful and delicate plant ornament

The flowers of the zucchini - a useful and delicate plant ornament

You can recognize them by their short stems and large ovaries under the petals.

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Pollination of the flowers

The zucchini flowers are fertilized by bees. If too few female flowers are pollinated - for example in cold or damp weather - fewer fruits will form. You can help with pollination with the following steps:

  • Pick male flower
  • Peel off the petals
  • stroke the stamens over the stigma of the female flower

Removing the female petals

If fertilization was successful, the ovary swells and the flower wilts. Now is the time to carefully loosen the petals, otherwise they will provide a breeding ground for fungal diseases.

Zucchini flowers as a delicacy

Zucchini flowers are not only beautiful to look at, they also taste great. They are the perfect addition to meat and vegetarian dishes. The light taste also goes well with fish. There are numerous delicious dishes that can be conjured up from zucchini flowers. Here are a few recipe ideas:

  • Zucchini flowers stuffed with turkey breast, cooked in the oven
  • Zucchini flowers in wine batter
  • Fried zucchini flowers filled with cream cheese
  • Fish fillet wrapped in zucchini flowers
  • Noodles with zucchini flower sauce
  • and much more.

Just experiment a little!

Tips & Tricks

The male flowers are used for cooking and are also a real eye-catcher as table decorations. They are harvested shortly before the flower opens.