Do hardy hydrangeas need additional winter protection?

Do hardy hydrangeas need additional winter protection?

The winter hardiness also depends on the variety

How much frost a hydrangea can tolerate is usually noted on the plant label, because not all hydrangea varieties cope equally well with the longer periods of frost in our climatic zone. Farm hydrangeas are considered to be particularly hardy and robust, as they freeze back relatively little, even in rough areas and with some winter protection. Panicle hydrangeas also tolerate frosty temperatures well.

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Winter protection makes sense

Even hardy hydrangeas need light winter protection. The following measures have proven effective:

  • Do not cut off what has withered in autumn, this will protect the new shoots from frost damage.
  • Cover the root neck about ten centimeters high with bark mulch, garden soil or compost.
  • In rough areas, cover the plant with a special plant fleece or a jute sack (€ 6.86 at Amazon *). The packing material should be supported by poles so that the weight of the snow does not rest on the branches.

Please never use plastic wrap to protect the hardy hydrangea from the cold. Bubble wrap is also unsuitable. The moisture accumulates under these airtight materials. These are ideal conditions for mold and other fungi, which can cause massive damage to the plant.

Hibernate hardy hydrangeas in the tub

Hydrangeas whose pots are less than thirty centimeters in diameter should preferably be overwintered indoors. A room in which there is a temperature of around ten degrees during the day is well suited. Ventilate regularly, because if the humidity is too high, there is also a risk of fungal infections.

Hibernate potted hydrangeas outdoors

With our tips you can maintain hardy hydrangeas on the balcony or terrace even in the cold season:

  • Do not fertilize from late summer, so that the shoots mature by winter.
  • Remove the trivet and place the hydrangea on styrofoam or terracotta feet instead. This protects the plant from rising ground cold.
  • Nevertheless, ensure optimal water drainage to avoid waterlogging.
  • Do not pack plants too early to harden them for the coming cold season.
  • Might snow fall on the hardy hydrangea, support the fleece or jute with a wooden cross. This prevents snow breakage.
  • You can also wrap the pot in insulating bubble wrap or styrofoam.


Hardy hydrangeas do not usually freeze to death - but they can dry up. That is why it is important to water the plants moderately but regularly even in winter, especially when the days are a little warmer and free of precipitation.