Scented geraniums: are they really effective against mosquitoes?

Scented geraniums: are they really effective against mosquitoes?

Essential oils keep mosquitoes away

It is essential oils contained in the leaves of the fragrant pelargonium. They exude an intense scent - depending on the type and variety, citrus-like, minty or fruity-tart. The natural function of the scent is to ward off pests. Mosquitoes should also be able to keep the essential oils away.

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But not only mosquitoes prefer to avoid direct contact with a fragrant pelargonium. Wasps, horseflies, bees, ants and moths also keep their distance. But is that really the case or is it just a sales pitch for various nurseries and hardware stores?

How safe is this mosquito repellent?

In all honesty, this mosquito repellent is just as unsafe as many other mosquito repellants on the market. Some mosquitoes simply cannot be stopped if their blood lust is too great. But it depends on a try! After all, this is a protective agent that does not harm the environment.

Place on the balcony or window sill

Place the scented geranium, for example, on your balcony, terrace or on the window sill in the bedroom. The fragrance is said to be particularly effective against mosquitoes if you rub the leaves, for example just before going to bed. It can also be released well in an aroma lamp.

Which varieties are particularly recommended?

There are species like Pelargonium x citrosmum, Pelargonium crispum, Pelargonium citronella, Pelargonium quercifolia, and Pelargonium abrotanifolium that are considered to be the most effective against mosquitoes. If you plan to repel mosquitoes with the scented geranium, the following intensely scented varieties are recommended:

  • 'Lemon Fancy'
  • 'Orange Fizz'
  • 'Mosquito repellent'
  • 'Royal Oak'
  • 'Princess Ann'
  • 'Lillibet'

Tips & Tricks

Even if the scented geranium doesn't bloom - that doesn't matter! In contrast to other plants that keep mosquitoes away with their flower scent alone, the scented geranium does not need to flower to repel insects.