How do I optimally attach a swing?

How do I optimally attach a swing?

Hang a swing on the tree / trees

The easiest way to “set up” a swing is to hang it from a tree or between two trees. In order for the swing to hang securely on a tree, it must have a stable branch at a suitable height. You can easily hang a swing board on it.

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When attaching a swing between two trees, you need an aid, for example a tension rope or a heavy-duty belt. In addition, the two trees should not be too far apart, otherwise the stability of your construction will suffer.

Set the swing in concrete

The most stable attachment for a swing frame (€ 419.95 at Amazon *) is to set the posts in concrete. If you live to rent, then as a precaution, ask your landlord beforehand. Concrete work in the garden is not always allowed without prior consultation. This work is not complicated, but the soil should definitely be frost-free.

The best way to dig in the right places is to put the assembled swing frame in the desired location. Then use flour or fine sand to mark where the posts are and then set the frame to one side again. Please note, however, that this type of attachment makes the swing frame lower than it would if you put it on the ground and fasten it with anchors.

Dig the holes to set in concrete. A depth of around 50 cm is recommended. The hole should be about 15 cm larger than the post diameter. Put a little gravel in it and then the mixed concrete. Place the frame in the damp concrete, at least 10 cm deep, but better 20 cm. The swing may only be used after the concrete has dried.

Fasten the swing frame with ground anchors or sleeves

Determine the location of the swing in the same way as when setting it in concrete and set the swing frame to one side. You can use a chalk line to ensure that all anchors are at the same height. This makes it easier for you to set up the swing in a horizontal position.

Depending on which type of ground anchors or drive-in sleeves you have chosen, you can set them in concrete or screw them into the ground. You can find information about the individual work steps on the Internet or ask directly when buying a hardware store how you should securely fasten them.

Ways to attach a wooden swing:

  • extremely high dead weight
  • Cast in the post
  • Anchor the post
  • Fasten with ground sleeves or ground anchors
  • hang on the tree / trees


Do not let your children swing until you have properly attached the swing frame. The lighter the frame, the faster an avoidable accident can happen.