For ever-recurring blooms: successfully propagate geraniums

For ever-recurring blooms: successfully propagate geraniums

Propagate geraniums using cuttings

The easiest way to propagate your geraniums is vegetative using cuttings. In this way, you can also multiply particularly beautiful plants, because cuttings are clones of the mother plant and are therefore completely the same. The best time to cut the cuttings is late summer / early autumn, i.e. the months of August and September.

  • Cut off half-ripe shoots about finger-length (about 10 centimeters long).
  • If possible, these should not bloom or have any buds.
  • If possible, cut the cuttings on the axilla.
  • Remove the lower leaves with the stipules.
  • Only the top two leaves can remain.
  • Let the cuttings dry for one to two hours.
  • Plant the cuttings in a pot of potting soil.
  • But you can also use normal potting soil.
  • After a thorough watering, a transparent plastic bag is placed over it.
  • As soon as new leaves appear, the cuttings are potted individually
  • and then overwintered cool.

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Plant the young plants in a larger pot in spring and harden them gradually.

Divide perennial geraniums

Little is known that pelargoniums can also be multiplied by division. However, this is only possible with older plants from the age of four to five years. It is best to split at the beginning of spring shoots as soon as the first fresh shoots appear - this is usually the case in March or April. It is best to combine this measure with repotting the plant, carefully pulling it and its roots apart with your fingers. Then the sections are planted individually and poured on.

Propagate geraniums from seeds

Growing geraniums from seeds - either self-collected or purchased - is also great fun. Sowing should be done in January, but no later than February of each year, so that you can enjoy the flowers of your self-grown geraniums in summer.

  • It is best to sow the seeds in potting soil.
  • Cover them lightly with substrate and keep it evenly moist.
  • Put the growing containers in an indoor greenhouse
  • or put a clear plastic film or bag over it.
  • Put the pots in a bright and warm place.
  • Prick as soon as the first leaves appear.
  • However, avoid a location with direct sun.
  • Put the young plants outside during the day from the beginning of May,
  • but bring them in at night.


When propagating cuttings, make sure not to use any soft and completely green shoots. These tend to rot and are therefore not very suitable.