Prick peppers - but do it right

Prick peppers - but do it right

When can you prick peppers?

Did you grow peppers yourself a few weeks ago? Now the seedlings constrict each other and quickly shoot up. When you have formed the first pair of leaves, it is the right time to prick out. With this you create more distance between the plants. They can spread their stems and leaves better. What you need for pricking:

  • Plant pots or plant bowls
  • Pricking earth
  • spoon

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Prick peppers properly - this is how it works

Fill plant pots with sieved pricking soil. Prick (prick) a small planting hole in the middle with your finger or spoon. Add some algae substrate for better root formation. Carefully dig up the seedling with a spoon or tweezers and stick it into the pricking soil. Fill in the pricking earth and press lightly. Carefully lift the plants out of their germination substrate with wooden tweezers and stick them into the pricking soil. Press gently. Give in some pricking earth - spray or pour - done. Place the pricked plants in the greenhouse or on the windowsill.

It has proven useful to water the plants a little before pricking out. They can then be removed more easily from the earth. Tests have shown that pricked plants usually develop better.

After pricking the plants grow stronger. Nevertheless, they still have to get used to the new location in the new pot. They form more roots that branch out more. The more roots, the more water and nutrients the small plants can absorb. As soon as the outside temperature shows around 15 ° degrees, put the plants outside during the day. In this way they slowly get used to the more intense UV radiation and the outdoor climate.

Tips & Tricks

Protect the plants from sun and drafts after pricking out. This is how they survive the transplant shock.